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Apparently some people dont understand the concept of the kind of art I do, at this time I would like to draw your attention to a piece I did a while ago, my "Kick-Ass 3 Movie Poster"

Kick-Ass 3: Shadows Fall by DarkestAdrenaline

Now I created this for the sole idea of "just finished watching Kick-Ass 2 and wanted to picture in my head what a third movie would be like in my own interpretation" Also after looking online for movie rumours I thought "Eh why the hell not" so this is the finished result. Now I would like to point out a few things, Firstly the movie posters I do are either fake for fictional stuff, fake for actual stuff and the occasional real one for a real life thing, its even stated in the folder I keep them in "For fake movie posters, for fake or real movies you or I would like to see, and the odd TV poster for either fake or real programs" its clearly stated, Secondly I do my research when it comes to making these things, so if theres little to know info on the poster for the imaginary or real movie I apologise, Thirdly yes I did add myself into the character list as my name is Zachary Brockbank, and I did that because I had concepted my own character in the movie and I figured I would play him.

Now why would I be bringing all this up, well it all goes back to a comment some left on it, now for personal reasons I wont name names but he asked if it was fake, I clearly stated it was a fake poster but to my knowledge it was going to be a real movie (obviously not with the same cast) I checked online and corrected myself and I thought that would be it, but its only until recently that I found the guy on twitter (I searched my own name) and he basically wrote a tweet saying it was fake and mentioning my name. Now... my problem isnt the fact he asked the question because if someone is confused about something I'm more than willing to clear it up, my problem is when people like him decide to go behind my back and say these things, its just the fact that he did it rather than say it to my face, like I know the posters fake, its stated clearly in the folder and I certainly make it clear as I can that its a fake poster for a non existent film, half the posters I have include my name. My one problem is this, if theres a problem or your unhappy about something on my page or about my art, either tell me, or dont look at it, dont go behind my back and tweet things about me and my artwork, its a confidence killer. I realise I shouldnt be making a big deal out of this, I just dont like it when things like this happen.
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Now I could just review the version of this chapter that came out in December but seeing as how it has been updated with its Premonition track, I shall review the Deluxe edition of “The Devil – Chapter One” by Blue Stahli, featuring three new tracks that Bret is including on his new upcoming album “The Devil” which features a more heavy, aggressive and dark sound design, I will not be reviewing the instrumental versions because I’m more focused on the vocal versions, so if you’re a fan of Blue Stahli and his previous work, you will enjoy this, and for the record, the reason I don’t review much is because I tend to be in favour most of if not all the time.

Firstly let’s talk about “Down In Flames” now I want to relay what Bret said in an interview, in that he wanted to make this song the first song featured off the album because he wanted this album to be heavier and more rock orientated than his glitchy electronic music from the Antisleep albums, and it certainly shows in this song, this song is full of aggressive guitars, hard hitting drums, melodic vocals and just the right amount of glitching and electronic elements, and it’s one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard from Blue Stahli, from a personal stand point the lyrics behind this song to me sound like someone who tries to force people into feeling this for them but fails in the attempt and like the song says “We’ll gladly watch while you go down in flames”

Next song is “The Fall” now I would like to state, this has to be the heaviest song I’ve ever heard Bret create, when I first heard the guitar riff on his YouTube channel, I knew that would be something special, the song itself has thrashy guitars, hard hitting drums, very melodic lyrics and mysterious but powerful electronics, a few people have said there is a Muse influence in the sound of the this song, me personally I don’t hear it but for those who do, you clearly have a more trained ear than me, and from a personal stand point again regarding the lyrics, to me it talks about how a person can want so much more than what they have but lose it all as they are doomed to, this song has one time in my life been my personal theme song, and having been featured on sites like “Loudwire”, it’s definitely one Blue Stahli song you’ll always remember.

And lastly this is the part where the deluxe edition comes into play with “The Fall (Premonition)” now for those new to the concept allow me to explain, the premonition tracks are when Bret takes a part of the song (in this instance the main guitar riff) and puts a unique spin on it, in the case of this premonition the guitar riff in the song “The Fall” is turned from a hard hitting rock song into a creepy acoustic piece of music, with some deep drums and dark electronics, the atmosphere around this whole track is one of a dark and menacing nature, as if you were living out a scene from 28 Months Later, all in all it both tracks, the full one and the premonition have their own unique feelings to them and it certainly shows in the sound design, so if you wanna be creeped out or using something in a horror short, this is the track for you.

In summary, “The Devil Chapter One (Deluxe Edition)” continues Bret’s trend of doing things differently, this is what he’s known for, swapping styles or fusing them together from album to album, and “The Devil” is already proving to be one of the heaviest albums Bret has ever written, and this one I'm sure is gonna push him through the glass ceiling


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